Thursday, February 12, 2015

Misty rays

Today is beautiful day indeed. Alhamdullilah. Maybe because a positive vibes from my grandboss. He was happy today. Although it was not because of me. Still, it does make me happy too. He actually spoke nicely to me.. it was not a warning, it was not anger, it was not an order, it was not sarcasms, was not any comparison with other people or any unnecessary teasing.

It was just a normal speaking tone that he always use to speak with other people. I think it was genuine and a little encouraging. Most importantly I find my self able to speak like normal, no fear.. just free. Surprisingly, I feel like he was listening to me too. Mann..  I can't remember when the last time I ever talk properly to him. Well, I'm not allowing my self to be overly joy for this.. because tomorrow could be different. No promises. I probably turn to be his maid again. Just like Cinderella and her stepmother!

Whatever it is today, I'm still grateful.

This video cover is awesome! :)

"Kau sekadar memori kita di arena ini..."

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