Monday, September 23, 2013

Black dress

I was looking for my black dress everywhere today but I just can't find it. soo frustrating cause I wanted to wear it tomorrow. plus its new, I just bought it lately.. ;(

I love black dress. I like wearing abaya (cloak). Its look elegant, mysterious and make you feel expensive. I have many of them but all are old. yeah..beside the one that I was looking for. Now, I want a new one.. will you buy it for me? hehehe

Simple like this is my favorite. with sport shoes? wow double favorite!  

Besides, I like these kind of black dress too..

ehemm.. of course I will wear pants with this dress like jeans maybe. my legs is just too sexy to be shown.  

Hope I can find these kind of dresses in the mall with reasonable price. Ameen! ;)

Talking about black dress, currently I'm addicted to Sara Bareilles new album "The bless unrest". Aaand she have this song called "little black dress" in the album.. its just soo beautiful! Its been repeatedly played on my spotify. I like to picture my self in this song. I feel soo beautiful doing that..hahaha. soo laddies! lets sing along and dance with me!

... I got my little black dress on
And if I tell myself that nothing's wrong ...

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nuratika aziz said...

kemain my legs are too sexy to be shown.haha..much agreed.