Saturday, September 21, 2013


I think I just turn my hobby, my passion, my interest into a business...

 My snow cakes.

My walnut cheese cake

chocolate moist

Carrot cake

Right now, I'm kind of busy taking orders from my officemates. They really like my cakes and will support me if I ever have the intention to open up my own bakery. Honestly I have that dream. I wanted to have my own bakery soo much! well..its seems like I've got to work smart to make that happen right?

Check these pictures from today event. We celebrated our officemates birthday... and yeay! you see it right! its my velvet cake!!

Happy Birthday to all of you ! :)

See the structure of my velvet cake... I'm happy its not a picture edited. hahaha

When they post these pictures on facebook saying that its delicious and its finish soo quickly.. mann that words just make me the happiest baker on earth! hehehe

Way to go Che Sakinah... still lot to improve.  still lot to learn. Fighting! :D


Suriana abdul kadir said...

Sedap tau red velvet ni yaa readers! Sgt sedap!

Itminaan said...

Wow k che', I'm impressed! they all look so delicious!