Friday, August 2, 2013

Islam is Beautiful : Ishaq Mustaqim life experience

Ramadhan Kareem everyone,

I think I have not write or share something useful in my blog for quite a while. What I mean is something more spiritual.. something about the beauty of Islam.

Most of us Malaysian, born as Muslims and we often take our religion for granted. We knew.. but we don't practice. We knew that Islam is the best way of life, yet we deny it with our action. When Allah tells us to pray, to wear hijab and to cover our awrah we always make a lot of excuses, we say we're not ready, we're not very religious to practice it. whattt...

And we don't even realize how twisted we are when every time other people reminded us about the commands of Allah yet we told them that Allah knows what is in our heart. Well yes, sure He does! He even know why we making all these excuses to not want to practice His commands.Indeed He knows all the confusion and secrets in our heart.

I'm worried about our muslim brother and sister. I'm worried about my self too. Just look around us... crimes, zina (adultery), oppression, war. look at our community.. individualism, greed, separation. These will become worse and worse if we don't keep hold on to our religion.

Islam is soo beautiful my dear brother and sister. Never be afraid to go deep in our own religion Islam. Don't be afraid to practice it. Stand fast and believe that there is no other religion is more peaceful and more beautiful than Islam.

I want to share with you this inspirational video. His name is Ishaq Mustaqim and he became Muslim 2 years already. Listen to his experience. It touched my heart. Hope it will touch your heart too.

Human being makes mistake. May Allah S.W.T forgive us all... Ameen.

P/s : I looked him up on facebook. Seems like a good nasihad (advice) he's giving there. mann.. now I wish I can understand French too. ;)  

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