Monday, July 1, 2013

Hi Legoland!

Last week I was here...

Yeazz... have you guys been here yet? If not, you probably want to put it in the list of theme park you will go visit. Apart from a big fan of nature and wildlife, I personally enjoy man-made theme park too. comeonn.. theme park are really fun okeyy

I was not here alone but with my two awesome friends Masnurain and Liyana. Glad we made it! had been planing to come here together for quite a while. Haze or no haze, when you plan something you just got to do it, right? ;)

                                Liyana and Masnurain on the bridge near land of adventure

We play almost everything. Although most of rides for kids. Oh well, we are kids.. big kids. We come here to have fun!
                                                       The most exited kid. I guess.. -.-"

Not so much games for adult here, probably because this place is still new. Well, let me just list out 'big kids' games that you probably love to try. They are project X, water splash, Dragon's apprentice, The dragon and Land of adventure.

                            I actually slept on Technic Twister. Maybe you can do the same.. lol

If you love taking pictures and acting weird, you are definitely at the right place.

                                                      #np: Fine China, Chris Brown.. Auww...

                                                            #nw: Merlin season zero

                                                                    Mak guard

                                                                       Tooth fairy

Liyana finally found her ancestor's picture

Turned into Cyclops when watching 4D. 

Hey buddy, we got to pay first before we enter the park! 

Check here for the price. LEGOLAND TICKETS PRICE  . You probably want to be aware with their promotion. Like me and Mas, we paid only RM 91 not because we're below age, but Mas happen to have 2 voucher from nutritious drink she bought. can't remember what brand name it was as she did mention to me earlier. Meanwhile, Liyana got MyKad promotion. She got food voucher as well as 1 free entrance ticket on July. They have plenty of promotion, who knows next time you come, you'll be the luckiest one. 

Urghh... tired of uploading so much photo already. Well, see you guys soon. Sayonara! ;)  


.Cik Nana. said...

bestnye k.kinah!!

chesakinah said...

jom la nana kita pergi sekali :)