Monday, January 28, 2013

My Long Weekend

Hola. Happy long weekend everyone!

I just stay at home this long weekend. Well, I choose to stay home. Got soo many thing to be organized, and I would like to give my self a long break too.. duk rumah je lah Che Sakinah. You've been out like almost everyday since you start working. Just chillax at home, will ya?

Some people I know (referring to my office mate) they've gone for vacation, pergi macam-macam tempat. ada yang hike mountain kinabalu.. okeh... really envy them because it's one of my dream to climb up the mount of kinabalu. Hurm, one day... insyaAllah. Just not this weekend. hehe

What did I do this weekend? you guys know I love cooking and baking... hahaha. yup, that's what I do..just no picture for now. Don't have my own camera yet. When I got one, I promise to serve my blog readers with lots of my own food pictures. My own food porn. hahaha. soon okeh. Tungguuu ~~

Jom layan gambar lelama ja... I used to use my sister's camera. But now, she's in collage.

My red valved cup cakes jadi model jap. Gambar lama ni jumpa dalam album makanan. hahaha. Please know that I have my own album makanan in my laptop..hahaha! ;O

There you go another picture of the same velvet cakes with the colors.

Another old picture... ambil masa buat cookies dulu tu. Remember? check out the recipe here

I know you wasn't looking exactly at my cookies... your looking at..

my burgers.. kan?kan? 
hehehe... serve your self with chili sauce, mayonnaise, or  thousand island dressing or mustard... or all you want!  

Whatever homemade is always the best! kan? kan? kan...

Okey... tu je nak cerita. I didn't do much this weekend, besides cooking and baking.. just do a little cleaning, pilih baju-baju yang nak give away, washing my car, watching movie, listening to music while Google-ing the lyrics, reading news, reading people's blogs.. writing on my own blog, like right now! hahaha. well, a little of everything... oh yes! most of all tidurrr!! HAHAHAHA!

Good night everyone!! sweet dreams! :D

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