Monday, October 15, 2012

My Graduation day

Alhamdulillah ala kulihal.. on 8 October 2012, I'm officially graduated from IIUM with Bachelor Degree of Business Administration, concentrating in Information Technology(IT). Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah...

Although this is not my first degree and first time celebrating graduation day, as my first degree was in Islamic Theology acquired from Madrasssa Muinul Islam, Johannesburg, South Africa, The satisfaction, the blessed and the loved that I feel right now still like the first time. Thank you Allah! All knowledge and ni'kmat are all from Him. Without Him, I'm nothing. All glory to Allah.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beloved mama and baba for keep supporting and understand the thirst of illm that never end despite the fact a little worry of my age which is as age as IIUM convocation ceremony. Hahaha soo old right?! heh. --,"

Like an old quote says 'Age is just a number'. Therefore, searching for knowledge is endless occupation. One should never stop searching for knowledge for it is a saver,a protector better than wealth. Knowledge with degree nor knowledge without degree, duniawi knowledge or ukhrawi knowledge.. all are equally important. Well, surely those who possess Islamic knowledge is the best. And those who possess both,will be the best among the best! own! enough said.

Back to my graduation story, hahaha. At time of receiving the scroll and meeting rector eye to eye for the first time, maybe the last time too, kot,haha. I find that our rector Datuk Seri Professor Dr Zaleha Kamaruddin is very motherly. (Yes, instead of 'friendly' I prefer to write 'motherly', ada aura keibuan disitu). Perhaps, she didn't hear my name called,soo, she asked if my name is Che Safarina. Safari?? what? HAHAHA. That kills my awkwardness being on stage, I start to laugh and correct my name. Then.. here you goo, the 'official cameramen' start to snatch 'the moment'. Jeng jeng big yellow fang shown in the picture! tolonglah.. very the ugly weh. I'm not showing it in here,too scary. hahaha. Rector than congratulate me and wish all the best for my future undertaking just before I walk down the stage.

My picture walking down the stage wearing robe 'tecungit'. confident je kann?hahaha

While waiting for other students take their turn, I texted my mom if she see me walking on stage, mana tahu kot-kot tetido ke kann. hahaha. Then mama replied "nampak kak long tadi dekat skrin.. awat baju tecungit ke belakang?". okeyy.. -_-"

Iman, my sister was  there too. Pergi sekolah half day sebab nak tengok konvo kak long dia. haha. In car on our way back, she asked about the story of camel hump told by the rector. She said she understand, but can't figure it out the significance of the story. Neither am I. hahaha. but then, I try to explain the story again to her. The story goes like this....

The baby camel asked his mother, "mommy, why do we have hump on our back?" so the mother camel replied, this is because we are desert animal, so we need to store food and water. "mommy, why do we have long legs?" the mother said "so we can walk in the desert". The baby camel asked again "why do we have long eyelashes?" the mother camel answer "to protect desert sand from entering our eyes". Then, the baby camel said "if so, what are we doing here in the zoo??"

The significance of this story is... jap jap nak recall ape madam cakap. hahaha. Haa... lebih kurang macam ni la eh... we all need to face this challenging world. We have to be more positive, willing to take a risk, be flexible and get along with different atmosphere. You know, we all need makeovers from time to time in our lives, and graduates like us, if we can see the possibility of changing our life (for the better), of seeing what we can become and not just what we are now, we will be a huge success.

I don't know if what I understand is the same like my other friends understand. (Students Graduation Ceremony session 6, 2012. Time 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm) But if they do listen to the same story and heard properly the significant behind the story of the camel hump, hope they can share 'the hikmah' of the story too... right here okey :) *help me out eh.. tak sempat ambil notes time tu. soo lupa sikit hahaha*

Orait. Dah berjela nampaknya... gambar pre-graduate? next post la eh. hehehe... now, pen off! :D

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Rupert  Echard said...

Hi there, Che. I applaud you for graduating and dedicating this to your parents. I’m pretty sure that they felt overwhelmed that very day. I also like your belief about knowledge. I agree that learning is a continuous process and it won’t end when you finish your studies. I’m wishing that every youth will have the same perspective like you do. Keep the spirit alive!