Saturday, February 11, 2012

Real Steel spirit

Just checking up my new time table for this semester. Oh Yess! Finally I got to add one more subject, Alhamdulillah. And that makes my total credit hour equal to 21.5. Awesome right?? hahaha. This is my first time anddd also my last time taking such a workload. Yezzaa!.. I'm graduating soon insyaAllah *happy face* but, but, but..

This sem will be my very busy sem, ughh! mann (sambil mata terbeliak mendongak ke langit) now I start to imagine how tough it will be. hahaha. For that, I really want to apologized in advance to all my loyal readers if sooner or latter my blog will be hardly updated. But.. again, I will definitely try my best to update it whenever I find time. InsyaAllah.

Lets work hard this sem!! Semangattt!!! Allahu Akbar!

We fight smart, We be patient, And Pray.. Seriously, Pray! ~ Real Steel

P/S: By the way, Real Steel? 9.5 out of 10! I totally love This movie! ;)


AzwanRamli said...

Good luck.....

Ainnz Abiggaill said...

1. good luck babe!

2 real steel for me is 9.5 over 10!

Anak Munsyi said...

Good luck okay . peace :P