Friday, January 28, 2011

Down and Out

Do you ever feel ... Down and Out?
Don't know if you must cry or shout.
The pain in your heart is worse then gout.
Don't know where to turn, sitting always in doubt.

It feels as if the entire world is against you.
All the problems are stuck to you like glue.
Feel that you are tired of life, want something new.
Like you suffering from nausea and just want to spew.

It's coming from all side , don't know where to turn.
can't think straight , can sleep and even learn .
Or you got the news it's incurable, you going to die .
the pain that you going trough makes you want to cry
All your high hopes blown into the sky

Don't worry, for you there is a solution.
You don't have to suffer, nor witness a revolution
soon it will be all over, it's just an illusion.
Just a little change and some good tuition.

If you got a problem with a machine ask the maker.
in other to get to this one you don't need an arbitrator.
for all the problems in the world He can cater.
You can start now! don't wait for later.

Remember! if you a believer, its a blessing for you .

Its a reminder from The One you have forgotten,that He loves you ,
So endure it with patient, HE will definitely reward you...


Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Che Sakinah

memang tepat
hanya Dia tempat bergantung


♥cik shaf♥ said...


Solehah said...

Insyaallah. go back to maker, and we'll get the answer.

Amirrah Zawani said...

insya Allah.. :)