Friday, June 24, 2016

Sir Yusof Quotes

Assalamualikum semua! I've been keeping this post as draft for 4 years already. Ayuh baca untuk menghiburkan hati dan meningkatkan motivasi hehehe

Well, as I promised few friends (UIA mates) to share our respective Sir Yusof Quotes, here you goo.. enjoy! oh, jangan lupa baca macam sir bercakap eh :D

[ notes to my blog readers: Sir Yusuf is my Human Resource Management and Strategic management lecturer. Although I didn't get 'A ketul' for both of his subjects, I highly respect him, as he is very wise person, kindhearted, hardworking and professional. His inspired words and sarcasm are spice of laughter but in the meantime an eye opener for us, his students ]

  • We already make a lot of mistake, we can't effort to make anymore mistake.

  • Unforgivable ble ble ble.. not table!

  • Did I ask you to answer my question? I asked you to understand the Question.

  • I create the question and I said its difficult.

  • You better come N.O.W, not tomorrow

  • Group leader will get strong arm by the end of this sem, because I will tell them to rise their hand.

  • Are you sure that your life depends on example? not everything must give example~. Imagine if you get married and asked to give example, can aa? muslimm... muslimm..

  • Don't throw shoe at me eh, I'm not Bush president.

  • 46 x 1 is what? where is your 'financial calculator' people?!

  • Text book is important but not very important.

  • My policies is Concentration.

  • Wherever you go, you'll face people. not robot. You have to face it! You have problem with people, people have problem with you. Be realistic!

  • This is my masjid! you want to wear 'selipar', create your own masjid. (when talking about dress code in class)

  • You have to adopt your self with people or else dont work in the company.

  • Even you look at the note, the note cant tell like me.

  • You must learn from the senior, not only by asking but by observation.

  • Life is continually learning, never end... never end..

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