Sunday, September 6, 2015

I miss you

I miss you soo much elephant. I want you to spend time with me. I want to make long conversation with you without feel guilty. I dont want you to feel like its a waste of time talking to me. I want to feel important. I want your loyalty. I want your love.

Soo many people around you elephant. Soo many other girls. Im next to you and offered my heart. But you soo big I dont even know if you ever turn to look at me. If you do sometimes, maybe you didnt turn properly because I just can't feel your sincerity. Well, maybe you got big head, soo its difficult for you too.

Will you tell me I'm special? Will you be proud to have me next to you? What is your standard? How many dollars to cost to be with you?

The pictures we took together. The time we spent together. Hope it does mean something to you.

I miss you my Mr Elephant. Everyday. I do hope you miss me too..

Sakinah _ Trip to Thiland 2015


tiga lalat said...

wahh sonoknyer dpt pegang gajah tuuu., hehe

me said...

wow...posing dgn gajah...