Monday, May 25, 2015

My Company Annual Dinner 2015

Assalamualaikum readers :)

Last friday night was my company annual dinner. It was first time for my company to arrange such an event and I can sense all the staff were happy and really enjoy themselves. Well, at least I know I did! Congrats Brinfo for the good change! heehee 

The theme was red, black and masquerade. I assume the organizer choose this color as its our company's main colors too. I manage to grab the mask at one of the party shop in Sarawak during my business trip last week. My 15 ringgit red scarf and last minutes blazer at Gateaway, Bangi. I just love the black velvet pattern on my blazer! wehee ;)   

Picture with winner of best dress man. His DIY mask is supper cool!
The event held at The Royale Chulan Damansara and more than 200 staff attended the event. awesome! I wish I know who is still single soo I can introduce my self.. ehem. 

Usually me and my teammate are the event organizer for all our Change Management activities and programs. We normally organized events for clients. But this time... for company internal event we are the guess. yes! finally. Whenever I went to hotel, I hardly got the chance to eat properly and enjoy the food because I'm the host. Sooo you know what, I really eat my food and enjoy all the served dish that night. yummeh! my teammate posted in our wassap group on how they felt soo touched to finally be the guest this time. Soo funny lols! I know that feelings... really. 

They served Chinese food. Our first dish was fried seafood. 

Steam fish! what its name? THE FISH. 
My favoriteeee! udang goreng nestum :D 
We had more then ten servings.. I cant remember what next after that. Too full. Nenonenonenoo.

The events went on until mid night. We had the karaoke competitions. My boss sang Pergi by Aizat and got first place. All my office-mates glad he win. cause we knew we getting our microwave soon. mehehehee. 

Besides, we watched limbo dance by our bosses, we had our lucky draw, best dress competition, mr & ms attractive, mr & ms popular, coolest boss.. ermm what else.. haa we had employee loyalty award. I was soo happy that night not only because I win the luck draw but because I know my company appreciate their staffs and celebrate our handwork.This give me hope! like increment or bonus soon? hewhewhewhew ;)

Orait... tomorrow is work. kene tido sekarang. See you guys letter. Enjoy random pictures below! 


With Kakaks

My CMG Team

Admin and HR gang

p/s : Pictures credited to Meor and kak najah :)


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