Sunday, August 12, 2012

My last update using IIUM community network

Assalamualaikum. Its been awhile.. hows everyone doing? hows Ramadhan? hopefully everything goes smooth and great as blessing as this month.

I actually have hundred thousand years of things and stories in my tiny little mind to be shared with all of you. My mind is good RAM don't you think? small but powerful. Hahahaha.  As it is, busyness is always my constrain although not yet having my own business. Above all, laziness keep coming in the way if I even have a free time. hahaha. The truth is, at this point of time, writing a blog is always the last option to entertain my self. But no worries, I'm sure soon enough, I shall find the ecstasy to boost the excitement of writing the blog again.

I guess the picture below illustrate very well what is actually happen to me at time I wanted to write something in my blog. And always I end up stare at my computer with blinking eyes. Then here you goo... the lazy viruses come to approach me. Oh well, that is how it goes in rotation.

As for today, I just have to force my self write and publish this post. The reason is, today is my last day using IIUM wireless network connection for I have done with my undergraduate study. Soon if I ever come to visit the garden of knowledge and virtue, I'm no longer to use the student account to surf the internet. Got to admit that all the difficulties and slowness of UIA network are already forgiven. hahaha *just recalled back the time of doing the last minutes assignment which is to be submitted online and etc.. hahaha priceless memories tho*

Oh, before I pen off, or switch off my laptop..
To shima my ex roommate in matriculation, I still remember my promise to share my pasta recipe. To huda husna and hamizah hani and the rest of my friends who waits for me to share our respective lecturer, Sir Yusof's quotes.. sorry sorry sorry..  for making you guys wait. InsyaAllah I'll be posting it here. soon. hehehe

Well, that is all for now. Its time to go home. Adios UIA.

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