Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eh, ni ke nota saya utk final exam?

Yeah, I forget about the consequences
For a minute there I lose my senses
And in the heat of the moment my hand starts going
The pen start dancing, oh

But I never meant to play around
I know it's time that I learned to
Value my time and treat all my subject fairly
This is a lesson learned

I hate that I waste my time
And I feel so bad about it
I have to study hard now and stop berangan
Cause I know, if not, I'm the one that's hurting, yeah

Mana tah nota bank management.. ceh! penuh dengan lukisan je buku minah ni. Berangan banyaklah dia nih.

I'm not a saint, no, not at all, but what I did, it wasn't cool
But I swear that some other books are even worse

Nota lain lagi tak nampak tulisan langsung.. gila. macam mana nak belajar?

Don't tell me, don't tell
Don't tell me you can't give me good marks
No, no, no, no
'Cause nobody's perfect, nooooo!

P/S : Inspired song 'Nobody Perfect' by Jessie J. konon-konon cool laa kan study sambil dengar lagu, melukis dan online...  udah-udah le tu berangan.. heihhhh.

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