Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm a facebook addict. How about you?

Hi, my name is Sakinah, and I'm a facebook addict. I've been keeping my self away from facebook about 2 months. lama jugak la kan? Unfortunately wasn't long enough to help me change. ;0

I'm soo sad and soo mad at my self because I activated my facebook back. Yess, again. huh. Right now I feel terribly guilty and need to express my self in here. Sick isn't it? but hey, what to do?? Come onnn mates! You just can't tell me to deactivate it again.. thats seriously not helping.

The problems is..
1) I need to activate my FB so I can massage my friends when I have no credits.
*duit ashik yilek je time-time emergency babe.. seksa betul!*
2) .. (not so bad, can handle it)
3) .. (not even a problem)

I guess thats the only concrete reason why I'm still on Face book.. kesian kan? hahaha
Anyone for the solution?

help! help! sila tolong saya. sekian. terima kasih.

P/S: more friend's confession? read here. Very nice article :)


Anonymous said...

i dun even have a fb account!
i suggest that u sell ur notebook then u can use the money to buy prepaid.ngahaha!
solution no 2: since the activation is very easy n menguji ur iman, change ur emel adres.huhu.

SK said...

cuba baca nie pula..