Sunday, March 20, 2011

Loon datang UIA

Assalamualaikum semua. kenal x sape Loon? haa... dia dulu penyanyi rap dkt US. Dia baru 3 tahun masuk Islam. kemarin dia datang UIA bagi talk.. best! respect kot sama dia..

Nama islam dia Amir Junaid Muhadith. Masa dia masuk dewan malam kemarin, dia berjubah putih. simple. tenang saja rupa dia. Kalau korang tengok ... dia memang totally a different person now. sangat humble! masyaallah.

Dia dulu pernah menyanyi dengan usher, P.Diddy.. bawah bad boy records.. x penah dengar? alaa.. dia pernah nyanyi lagu I need a girl.. ade.. rappers yg pakai baju merah dalam video clip tu la. I need a girl part 2 pon dia ade jugak... gi la Google tengok kalau rajin. ;p

Life yg penuh glamor tu dah tak bermakna dah pon dekat dia.. macam dia cakap malam tu...
" Everything has their limit date, a.k.a expired date.. even things that have most value.. all disappears! "

Bila ditanya mcm mana dia boleh masuk islam.. dia cakap.. time tu dia pergi negara2 islam buat entertainment business, (negara arab). dia duduk di hotel mewah yg boleh nampak pemandangan yg indah. Masa dia duduk2 tengok keluar tingkap dia nampak matahari dkt luar cantik sangat!, terus terdetik dalam hati dia nak masuk islam. Dia kata " I have not received any dakwah, no books, or anyone come to convey the words.. I solely accept Islam! nothing broke in my life... everything just fine!". korong tengok... that is the sweetness of hidayah! and remember.. Allah gives hidayah to whom so ever He wishes! dont have to be any means or reasons... dengan melihat kebesaran Allah sahaja boleh dapat hidayah.. subhanallah!

Dia keluar dari hotel untuk tengok pemandangan matahari tu dari luar hotel. lepas tu dia tanya orang arab dkt hotel tu macam mana nak masuk islam.. orang arab tu macam pelik... eh, Loon nak masuk islam ke?? impossible!.. tapi bila nampak Loon bersungguh2 laki tu ajar Loon mengucap. dengan lafaz 'Ashaduallailahaillallah muhammadurasulullah' maka Loon telah masuk islam. Loon tanya "thats it? just simply say shahadah? no need to go to a river and purifying what so ever?" nope! said the man.. subhanallah! mudah kan Islam? simple je..

Orang dalam dewan tanya : Do you have any intention to do islamic music?
Loon firmly said: no.
dia bagi contoh.. once you were an alcoholic, n you really want to stop. your not gonna go near there.. isn't? its dangerous! u might turn and become one again. If you have any doubt stay away from it!
Dia cakap lagi: I dont think its for me anymore.

Some of Loon a.k.a Amir Junaid Muhadith advice that night :

~ Many has think that success is measured with materialistic , but we gotto realized success is to attain and achieve the LOVE of Allah.

~ If you have to call upon something, you gotto have the knowledge. I urge everyone of you to take a challenge to look and learn, search for your religion. Take initiative to learn the Quraan and Sunnah.

~ If you know one ayat, you have an obligation to give dakwaah. identify the goods!

" If you giving, be grateful,
if you tested, be patients,
if you sinful, seek forgiveness"

~ Seek nearness to Allah, the true benefit.Only Allah knows what is in our heart, everyone of us have short coming we have to face.

~ If you see your Iman decrease:
1) Seek refuge from Allah, refer back to the sunnah.
2) Be around people that fear Allah

~ Allah is the only one that capable of change the heart

~ We have undying love in our heart. So how do we fill that love so that it will not dying ?
yes! its a Zikr! we should refill our heart constantly with remembrance of Allah. This rules the heart of every muslims!

~ Start with your heart , busy your self with learning about religion, once you occupied your self with negligent it's just want to stay. ( so stay away from negligence )

Iklan ni ditayang sebelum Amir Junaid Muhadith datang UIA.

p/s: we've been born muslims... come on la korang... lets check back our iman! =,


Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Che Sakinah

moga dia dapat menarik lebih ramai lagi kawan2nya utk memeluk Islam


Anonymous said...

His whole speech was quotable that day and i simply love his sharp yet humble replies.
May God protect him and his family and you're right, we're born Muslims. We should live 20 years and acquire 20 years of Islamic knowledge.
Thumbs up to a good post che :)