Sunday, October 12, 2014

Writing Emails

Dear Readers,

How are you? very sorry I have not write anything here after a long time. Been writing too much reports, letters and emails at work place probably make me lost interest in writing blog. Well, that's the only thing I can think of as an excuse. hahaha.

Talking about writing emails. Mann... some how I find it soo hard. Reason is I always think will that person who receive the email understand clearly what I want? is my email courtesy enough? and many other over thinking things attacking my mind before I press the button send. Have you also face the same situation like me?

Well, if you do let me share something here...

1) Establish a relationship

I believe the most important thing when we write  an email, we need to build a relationship. People get an impression of you from the first email they received. So its very important to make a connection by using appropriate words and phrases.

Often we write 'As spoken this morning' or 'As our conversation..' whenever we want to write an email to someone that we just spoke to. Probably we want to make black and white out of the conversation, or to request more information or for any other reasons you might know of, but it will not have the same effect on your reader as 'Thank you for your call' or 'It was great to speak to you'
see that?

2) Communicate idea precisely

Language used in our writing today should be simple. Our grandfather used to believe that big words and flowery sentence would impress reader. Not to be rude, but such writing will only confuse and frustrate readers. Using unsuitable or incorrect expressions or a long winded writing style defiantly not giving the reader the right meaning or impression.

Just for example, instead of saying ' Should you require any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me' we can say 'Please give me a call on 019-8888888 if you have any question'.

3) Write naturally and sincerely

Write with simple words, natural, relaxed, friendly style as though you are having a conversation or writing a blog. Haa... that would be easy right? I believe to use simple words and accurate expression should be enough.  

Instead of 'I have pleasure in informing you' we can say 'I am please to tell you'.
Instead of 'Please furnish me with this information soon' we can say 'Please let me have this information soon'.
Instead of 'Please revert to us soon' we can say 'I hope to hear from you soon'

We have to understand, people today have many documents to read. Lets just relate it to our current work situation. Soo... direct and straight to the point message while retaining courtesy will be much appreciated. Lets together work on developing our writing ability and to the world class writing emails!

Short and

KISS! Muahh :*


nurul cHempaka said...

hai akak... shud post this to all brinfo group. :p

Itminaan said...

Nice info, I get how u feel kak..I write/reply to emails for work too >smiles<

aquarius morius said...

Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

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