Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Menang Skytrex Adventure comment contest


Just received the email from nuffnang... and guess what!?! I just win the ticket to skytrex adventure park. check this out! :D

woott! woott!

Dapat-dapat je saya terus confirm attendance. Soo sapa lagi geng-geng blogger yang dapat ke Skytrex Adventure park sabtu ni? *tengah cari geng ni hahaha*

By the way, saya rasa jawapan saya tah pape je. macam berangan je lebih. Tapi dah menang okey laa.. HAHAHA

“I want to take on the Big Thrill at Skypark Adventure because I want to feel like shaolin flaying trough the air. spread out my arms.. speed up my foot without touching the ground! flying over the river... zaass! look at me.. I'm shaolinn!! :) 

Since this is my first time will be joining the event by nuffnang, I really look forwards for it and exited to meet new friends!!   Sesapa yang bakal pergi sabtu ni see you there! :))

Again, thank you nuff for this great opportunity! wehee ~!!


♥nurulizzatie♥ said...

me too! hope to see you around tomorrow. :D

Che Sakinah said...

yeppy!! ada geng!! :))

penaberkala said...

singgah buat flying fox kat sini jap
vroom vrooom vrooom

Hans said...

hahahaha....update entry lekas!!!